Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Services

You benefit from our wealth management services that provide you with the following:

    1. Professional, fully managed investment portfolios
    2. Fee-only advisory
    3. Fiduciary services
    4. Third-party custodians for your safety
    5. 24/7 online access to your accounts
    6. Account statements directly from your custodian
    7. Free banking services through your custodian

Our low fee rates may help you reach your goals faster.

.65%/yr. – $0 to $1,000,000
.50%/yr. – $1,000,000+

Fee calculation example:

Account Value = $1,250,000
Days of Service = 31 days

(($1,000,000 X 0.0065) X 31/365) + (($250,000 X .0050) X 31/365) = ($552.05 + $106.16) = $685.21

Wealth management fees are automatically charged to accounts each month after services are rendered.

With Bionic Wealth Management, it's YOUR return on investment that matters.

Bionic Wealth Management focuses on YOUR ROI.

Bionic Wealth Management Portfolio Models*

  • We design investment portfolios with publicly-traded equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes.
  • Our decisions are based upon macroeconomic, political, market conditions and other factors.
  • Securities within asset classes are changed as necessary.
  • Initial target allocations to each asset class are determined based on client needs, time horizons, and risk tolerances.
  • Allocations are updated based on changing personal circumstances and may be adjusted as market conditions warrant.


Broad, global equity exposure is fulfilled primarily through purchasing tax-efficient, low-cost ETFs. Typically, there will be no attempt to select individual stocks in these portfolios.

Fixed Income

Fixed income allocations consist primarily of no-load, institutional-share mutual funds and closed-end funds. The current mix of funds offers relatively high yields and some protection against rising interest rates. In exchange, our portfolios may exhibit slightly higher credit risk than typical aggregate bond indexes.


Alternatives may include strategies such as risk arbitrage, long/short equity and managed futures through structures including mutual funds and ETFs. Commodities, precious metals, MLPs, or REITs may be purchased through mutual funds and ETFs. Alternatives are chosen  when they are deemed to display appropriate risk/return profiles and are suitable for the investor and his/her portfolio.

Investment pie chart from Bionic Wealth Management

Pie chart allocations are for illustrative purposes only. Normally, minimal cash positions are held.

*The current Portfolio Model is meant to be representative, may differ for each client, and may change at any time.

For no-load annuities, life insurance and other wealth management services, call us at 310-734-8500.

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