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Investor Questionnaire

Investor Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in Bionic Wealth Management and for taking our Investor Questionnaire. We look forward to learning more about your investing needs and assisting you in reaching your financial goals. - Dean Erickson, CFA

Your current age is
How many years before you expect to start taking money from your investments?
As you withdraw money from these investments, over how many years do you plan to spend it?
How would you characterize your experience in investing in markets (stock, bonds, mutual funds, etc.)?
How would you generally rate your willingness to take financial risk?
In which of the following investment portfolios would you most likely invest?
Which of the following ranges best represents your current annual family income (including social security and pension income) before taxes?
What is the amount of your investable assets, excluding real estate, but including mutual funds, cash, stocks, and bonds?
Would you prefer to invest in a portfolio designed to meet environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria?

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